Day 2 Keynote

Keynote Presentation: Joy as an Antidote

Get ready to be inspired, re-energized, and immersed in a world of playful learning. Drawing on her extensive background in experiential education and her current context in art, craft, and design, Carrie will invite us to consider how joy can be a powerful antidote to burnout, rekindling the flame of fun and fulfillment in educational practices. You’ll leave this session with a lighter heart and a heavier toolkit to carry you forward in your teaching and facilitation.


Carrie Nolan is a proven post-secondary leader, award-winning experiential educator, and cross-Canada paddler and has been recognized as a Kickass Canadian. With a PhD in educational foundations, a master’s degree in experiential education, and undergraduate degrees in outdoor recreation and geography, she aims to increase educative encounters in higher education, leading a way to ensure students are engaged in meeting themselves, others, and the world. She is currently director of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.